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Congratulations To:

Employee of the Month Tracie Hmieleski


Employee of the Quarter Libby Shearer

Employee of the Year Marc Davis

Congratulations Libby Shearer and Frank Gardner our

Employee's Recognized for October and November


Please take time to congratulate our EOM for November 2019: Libby Shearer

Libby is our Lobby Supervisor and has been with IPSA for over 3  ½ years.  Libby’s greatest asset is her exceptional customer service.   Anyone who comes into contact with Libby notes her compassion, humor and kindness.  Her smile and positive attitude rubs off on all she interacts with.  She has raised the standard of exceptional customer service. Libby is highly respected and beloved by all (client employees, contractors, visitors and colleagues).  Libby trains all new IPSA officers on the lobby and customer service and also assists the NXP employees with visitor registration and VIP visits (going well beyond her normal duties to assist).  No task that is given (or requested) is ever refused and is accomplished expeditiously and correctly.  She holds herself to the highest standard and elevates all with her example.  Libby’s humility has caused her to refuse recognition in the past. You make it a pleasure to come to work.

Please take time to congratulate our EOM for October 2019: Frank Gardner


Frank has been at NXP Chandler Site since 2016.  He is a steadfast dependable patrol officer on 2nd shift.  Even though  he works 2nd shift, he has been extremely accommodating when the need arises to fill in for his fellow officers. Frank has gained the admiration of the NXP admins who have provided numerous compliments regarding his thorough building patrols, and his cavalier style always willing to lend a hand when needed. Frank is an assiduous officer and deserves the recognition of October EOM 2019.


Thank you Frank for all you do!    


Honorable Mention for November: Pantelis Leventis for his outstanding efforts here at NXP. Mr. Leventis has great customer service skills that are displayed on a daily basis. Which makes him an asset for IPSA.

Letter of Recognition​

Isreal Ortiz​

On September 11, 2019 an NXP employee was entering at ATMC site when their e-cigarette exploded, which subsequently ignited their clothing.  Isreal's immediate actions: rushing to the employee's aid, helping to smother the fire, assisting the employee to ensure they were in no further danger, and then supporting emergency responders was exemplary and a true testament to Isreal's professionalism and character.


Irseal's quick thinking and cool head prevented a serious incident from escalating and his quick actions reflect highly on him, Global Security, NXP, and IPSA Security's commintment to providing a safe and secure work environment.


Thank you Isreal for your dedication and commitment. 

Perfect Attendance Award

Reginald Jones

Congratulations to Reginald Jones as the winner of the IPSA Perfect Attendance Incentive Award for the time period Jun-Sep 2019.  IPSA Security Services greatly appreciates our officers demonstrated dedication and commitment to our organization, our clients and most importantly their customers. Perfect attendance is challenging and exemplifies the amazing officers we have on our IPSA Team.

July 2019 Employee of the Month - Trevor Crotty

Trevor has been an officer with IPSA/NXP since August of 2018.  He is our 2nd shift lead SOC officer.  Trevor handles all

SOC issues expeditiously and has thorough follow through.  Trevor has been instrumental in the training of his team as

well as various other officers. He is diligent with regards to all information received including pass downs, making sure

to communicate all necessary information.  Trevor is dauntless and when it comes to learning something new or

being presented with complex issues.  He is highly respected by his team and his colleagues.  Trevor is an asset to the team. Thank you Trevor for all you do!


July Honorable Mention is Richard Eldridge:  Thank you Richard for all you do!

May 2019 Employee of the Month - Chuck Knapp


Chuck is our 1st shift M lobby officer and has been with IPSA for almost 3 years now. Anyone that knows Chuck is aware of his comicality and his drollery banter which makes him fun to interact with, especially when ones mood needs elevated.  Chuck's computer knowledge has been helpful to many of his colleagues who have needed technical assistance from time to time.


During the month of May Chuck received kudos from the nurses that were here doing health screenings for two weeks.  He was conducive in expediting their badging process daily as well as the NXP spouses that were here for their screenings.


Chuck, was also instrumental in making sure the initial badging process for the 22 new Interns was organized and ran smoothly, at the same time using his humor to help defuse their first day anxiety.


Thank you Chuck for all you do!


Please also recognize our Honorable mention for May: Justin Jackman our newest IPSA Officer and 3rd shift back up SOC Lead.  

April 2019 Employee of the Month - Jeff Brydle


Jeff joined us in December of 2018 and is our 2nd shift Back up Lead for SOC.  Jeff is very congenial with an ease and warmth that makes him very approachable.  Jeff, is someone who takes the time to say thank you and show appreciation for his fellow officers.   As Jeff became more proficient in his duties, it has been common for him to assist some of his fellow officers in areas where additional training may have been needed.  Jeff has a spirit that reflects positive attitude and has stated many times that he learns something new here every day, showing a willingness for continual growth.


It is a pleasure to have you here Jeff, Congratulations and thank you for all you do!

IPSA Officer Reggie Jones, along with four other PCC employees and Service Partners were recognized for their exceptional customer service performance. Reggie was lauded for his ability to make everyone entering the PCC feel welcome, as if he was welcoming them into his OWN home. Reggie’s impeccable uniform appearance, ability to interact with staff/ clients and leave everyone with a memorable experience is the new benchmark standard. The IPSA team congratulates Reggie on his personal achievement and for representing the IPSA brand with pride and distinction. Please congratulate Reggie on this very prestigious award.

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