IPSA Security Services is a Phoenix, AZ based security guard provider with our offices in midtown Phoenix and Austin, TX. We are a 100% unarmed company and specialize in corporate campuses, high rises and industrial facilities.  All clients are based in Phoenix and Austin or the surrounding areas (Chandler, Tempe, Round Rock) and our sales focus remains to stay in these areas.  

Founded in 2010, IPSA Security Services (ISS) is privately owned and operated.  We provide our clients in the corporate, commercial real estate, healthcare, retail centers and HOA markets, unarmed guarding services with both security officers and long term special services.

IPSA Security Services was founded by Dan Wachtler and Derek Oldham. They set out to build a security company which places the utmost importance in creating something very different from the norm in the security guard industry. A company standing on the principles of quality service delivered to every customer, every employee, every day - concepts that unfortunately, many consider foreign in the security industry. 

“Excellent service delivered to every customer, every employee, every day.”

– Derek Oldham, President/COO

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